Thursday, April 16, 2015

My favorite Kindle Unlimited books

SPOILER ALERT: Contains book spoilers. Please do not read the book descriptions if you have not read the books before. You don't want to kill the suspense.

I read a lot of fiction. So when Amazon launched Kindle Unlimited, I immediately got the subscription. You can download upto ten Kindle Unlimited ebooks at a time. Some of them are big favorites of mine and I have not returned them. I don't want to forget their names as I want to be able to read them whenever I want randomly. And as I said before, I read a lot of fiction. So I may forget their names even if I remember the storyline.

Today, I got an idea. I'll blog my favorites. This way I can return them and stop feeling guilty. :)

So here goes:

1. Breakthrough and Leap by Michael C. Grumley: Breakthrough is a sci-fi/thriller. Marine Biologist, Alison Shaw has found a way to talk to Dolphins. John Clay works in the investigations department of the U.S. Navy and is trying to figure out why a ship's position changed by 15 miles unexpectedly. When he and his partner, Cesare use a probe, the probe is lost, but not before the video records a strange ring. John takes help from Alison's dolphins to figure out the mystery... which turns out to be a worm hole created by aliens who are trying to syphon off our water to their planet. In the second book, Leap, Clay and Cesare are trying to figure out why a Russian sub is parked in Brazilian waters and why a Chinese warship has landed in Guyana? Turns out to be more sci-fi, more alien intervention and more adventures. :)
2. Departure by A.G. Riddle: This is a very inspiring book. It's focus is on 4 individuals who get pulled into the future by their future selves who have made mankind make major scientific leaps. Their future selves want them to change the past to avoid an impending war... makes me think of the possibility of parallel universes. It's super cool!
3. End of Secrets by Ryan Quinn: This felt a lot like an artistic piece of work.... felt like a war between the good and the bad. The rich and successful playboy Rafael Bolivar, has an idealistic view of how things should be just like a painter. Him and a bunch of artists, who keep on disappearing one by one. And the villain is... ONE corp who's secretly trying to gather every piece of information about every human. CIA agent Kera Mersal is working undercover as a reporter for an undercover agency to figure out why and how the artists are disappearing. Turns out that her boss and organization have gone rogue and are in league with the villains. The book creates a lot of suspense and nail biting moments as you're trying to find out the truth. What's going to happen? There's blood involved. And of course the unanswered question... what about the future? So what if the revolution succeeds? Will that change things in the long term? We can't win the eternal war against our inner demons forever. There is a good chance that might loose popularity over time. The truth is harsh and we are not emotionally equipped to deal with it all the time. Sometimes, an illusion can be our saving grace.
4. Guardians of Stone, Fountain of Secrets, The Lost Chalice  by Anita Clenney: These 3 books form the 'Relic Seekers series'. Kendall is a gifted relic seeker who can sense emotions, events, people, fact, information etc about any object by touching it. She is supermodel material, but not very social. And she's got two sexy colleagues. Her boss Nathan is a billionaire who has a huge relic collection and also happens to be her long lost childhood friend Adam. He just doesn't remember it. And he's got superpowers of his own which he keeps of thinking of as a curse. Jake is a security expert and takes his responsibility to protect Kendall seriously. And he can't keep flirting with her either. Together, Kendall, Nathan and Jake go on magical adventures to find and protect the powerful historical relics - the Spear of Destiny, the Fountain of Youth and the Holy Grail. They're being helped by the Prottetori who have been protecting four historical relics among many other treasures forever. And the villain is... the Reaper who used to be part of the Protettori but betrayed his brotherhood and who also turns out to be Jake's dad. FYI the Protettori folks have been around for hundreds of years cause they keep on drinking from the Fountain of Youth. I wonder how the Reaper stayed alive all this time considering that he didn't even know where the Fountain of Youth was being protected until the very end of the second book. And did I tell you that Kendall, keeps on having visions of King Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot in which she looks awful lot like Guinevere, Jake looks exactly like Lancelot and Nathan appears to be King Arthur. Sometimes Jake and once even Nathan share her visions. Kendall suspects that the three of them are re-incarnations of the two knights and their lady. No wonder she feels such a deep bond with both of them. And no wonder Jake and Nathan keep on worrying about each other even though they drive Kendall crazy with their constant bickering. If there's a fourth book ever, it will be about the Tree of Life which is the fourth relic. That should be fun. If you liked Lara Croft movies, then you will love this series.
5. Cyberstorm by Matthew Mather: This is another ultra cool book. It tries to show us a New Yorker's experiences when the country's entire infrastructure is broken down by foreign entities by breaking down the network and by creating a Cyberstorm. People are fighting for food and water. There's no power or heat and a huge storm's hit New York. The book shows us how dependent we are on these systems for our survival.

And now I can return those books and get different ones!  ;)

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