Saturday, December 5, 2015

Scaring off Boston drivers!

I have never driven as many times as I drove today. I wouldn’t have dared before. I guess the Maine trip did boost my confidence in driving in general. I did make mistakes today for which I apologize to all Boston drivers! I hope that you didn’t have to curse too much!

I felt much more comfortable driving on Storrow drive and Memorial drive today than before. The hardest bit was when I crossed the Charles river over Elliot bridge. That intersection is horrible. The lanes are not easy to follow, especially at night and I apologize to the taxi driver whom I almost cut off. I was extremely frightened and angry that I could not figure out which lane to go to. This is why I always look at my route 3-4 times on Google Maps before I go anywhere. I prefer knowing where I am going next. There are other scary places like Assembly square and the intersection of Fellsway street and Mystic Valley parkway in Medford that I completely hate. Who the heck creates a 5 lane intersection? It is the most annoying thing to encounter! You have to figure out which lane to go and switch lanes accordingly in a very short time in fast traffic. :(

Among highways, I-95 is comfy to drive on as it has local crowd. Never driven on I-90 so can’t say anything about that. I-93 is scary. It has inter-state traffic and people are aggressive. You get tailgated if you're not going fast in the slow lane. Smaller routes like route 2 and route 9 are more relaxing to drive on. Highway driving is of course much easier than city driving in general.

Today, while driving, I just wanted to leave the car and come home. I usually avoid driving as much as possible. I seriously hate making scary mistakes while driving. It's not the kind of stress I want to deal with. But I was grateful that I had to drive. It gave me a chance to practice. Thank you David and Clarissa for giving me a reason to drive. In the end, the best policy is to take a leap and deal with the fear!