Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I don't want guitar calluses

While going to the Chinese Parade, I was telling Tess about how my fingers hurt during Guitar practice. She said, "Oh yeah, you will get Guitar calluses." My mouth fell open. "What are Guitar calluses?" I asked. Tess responded, "Eventually you develop calluses from playing Guitar and your fingers become numb. You loose sensitivity." And I was like, "But I don't want to loose sensitivity in my fingers. I like my fingers the way they are." I immediately pulled out my phone and googled Guitar calluses. Most people said, "Live with it. It is the way it is. There's no way to avoid getting them." A few random posts suggested ways to lesson the calluses. And then I found a post from a person saying that he has been using a well fitted golf glove while playing Guitar and has never gotten calluses. So I googled Sports shops in the Chinatown area. After watching the parade, we walked to a couple of them and found golf gloves in City Sports. The gloves definitely dimmed the pain during practice, however, they increased the surface area of contact per finger. It was making me hit multiple strings at the same time. In the end, I just tossed the gloves off and practiced without them. I still don't want the calluses. Hopefully I will figure out a way soon.

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