Saturday, February 7, 2015

Why shampoo bottles need to be smaller than conditioner bottles!

Have you ever run out of conditioner even though you have a half empty bottle of shampoo? I used two bottles of conditioner for my last shampoo bottle, which is still not empty. It still has enough for 2-3 washes. Which makes me think... why do shampoo companies make the conditioner and shampoo bottles in the same size? Surely they realize that people need more conditioner than shampoo. Shampoo is soap... it makes hair clean, but also saps it of moisture. I use a very small amount that cleanses. Comparatively, more amount of conditioner is needed to moisturise hair. Not copious amounts, but definitely more than shampoo. And when your conditioner runs out.. you buy some more knowing that you will have to go back again to get shampoo at a later date cause it's not over yet. It gets trickier if you want to try the latest moisture renewing conditioner from Organix with Argan oil. Companies design these products so you have to use the counterpart shampoo with the conditioner to get the best results. So you keep buying the same conditioner until your shampoo finishes... But then you might run out of shampoo and still have conditioner left in the end... and it becomes a cycle. You're stuck! What a mess!

More revelations... How much conditioner does that bottle really hold?

I was so frustrated that I might have to buy a third bottle of conditioner for the same bottle of shampoo that I decided not to buy one until the shampoo finished... so I've been putting water in the conditioner bottle, shaking it and using whatever comes out. I was surprised to notice that everytime, I get enough conditioning foam for my hair. This means that I've been wasting conditioner all this time by throwing away conditioner bottles without properly using all the conditioner in them. This has another depressing implication. Once the shampoo bottle is empty, if I put water in it and shake it, then I will probably get enough shampoo for 2 or 3 more washes. Urrrgh... I just want to throw it away! 

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